This is not satire.

Universal Orlando plans on introducing a new air freshening system in the major Islands of Adventure restrooms that will feature distinctive scents for each island.

In addition, the scents will change with the seasons. Some examples given include Iced Piña Colada in Port of Entry over the Summer, or a Gingerbread scent for the holidays.

No timeframe was given, or if Universal plans on rolling out this feature Resort-wide.

Smelly bathrooms can be a problem for the guest experience, so any system that tries its best to mask the foul odors that can emanate from those areas is a plus to us; whether it be Piña Colada, Gingerbread, or even a simple Lavender scent – which can be lovely during the Springtime.

Stay tuned to Inside Universal for all the critical updates regarding the scents in the restrooms.