We’re back with a photo update around the Universal Orlando. Other than the Jurassic Park project and Dockside Inn & Suites, a lot of the projects are putting the finishing touches and wrapping up as they enter the final phase of construction. Let’s get started!

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» Jurassic Park Project
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» New Universal Resort Freestyle Cup
» A Little Bit of this, A Little Bit of that

Universal’s Endless Summer Resort

Painting and landscaping continues as Surfside Inn & Suites opening draws near. Much of the focus remains on the entrance area and the pool. Surrounding landscaping has also begun. The hotel is set to open on June 27, 2019.

Over at Dockside Inn & Suites, we still have a few more building shells that need to be completed before they begin electric work, room setup, and themeing.

Bigfire Restaurant

Universal has finally announced that Bigfire will be replacing Emeril’s. The restaurant will feature unique theming designed to make guests feel as though they have stepped into a grand lakeside lodge. At the heart of the venue will be a custom wood fire grill that will allow guests to see their meal being prepared from anywhere in the restaurant. Construction continues on the entrance, where a sign should be installed shortly, and the expansion of the outdoor patio area.

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

With a little under 2 months to go, the finishing touches are being worked on. The only “big” construction left is re-working the entrance facade. You can see the train testing from certain angles in the Wizarding World. The new building is currently being painted to blend in with the forest. Other than that, much of the work is behind construction walls, which we cannot photograph. Since our visit, we’ve heard that painting has begun on the barrier wall near Turkey Lake Road.

Jurassic Park Project

Foundation work has begun on the Jurassic Park waterfront, but it is still unknown as to what Universal’s official plans are for the area. The bypass bridge is completely gone, so we should see that begin construction soon, as it is expected to open by the Summer. Elsewhere around Jurassic Park, more trees have been removed near the old Triceratops Encounter as more land prep occurs. Also, walls have gone around a seating area near Pizza Preddatoria and around the smoking section near the Watering Hole.

Today Cafe

Signage and windows have been installed, as the Today Cafe opening is imminent. Universal has sent out an email for a Passholder Preview which will be held on April 24, so we should be seeing the walls come down very soon.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The stars on Universal’s Hollywood Walk of Fame have begun to get refurbished. As of now, only a handful of stars have been replaced near the Brown Derby Store.

New Universal Monster/Horror Store

Opening last week, the old Cyber Image Shop for Terminator 2:3D has become a Horror-oriented store – selling Universal Classic Monsters, Ghostbusters, and other Horror Properties. You can read more about the change, as well as the MIB Store getting all the pop culture items here. For now, here are a few photos from our visit.

New Universal Resort Freestyle Cup

Universal has unveiled a new design for its Coca-Cola Freestyle Cups. We prefer this new cup over previous designs as this one is see-through, allowing us to better gauge how much drink is left. The cost for one-day refill use is $15.99+tax, with pricing being lowered depending on many days you activate. Don’t worry, all of the old cups can still be used, they just need to be re-activated.

A Little Bit of this, A Little Bit of that

The entrance to Storm Force Accelatron is behind walls. A temporary entrance has been set up to the side.

The Wossamotta U shop has now begun to sell Trolls merchandise. Before, the store exclusively sold Secret Life of Pets merch; now it’s a 50/50 split.

Even though Mardi Gras has ended, the Mimosa Bar at Cafe La Bamba remains open.

The buildings around the Film Vault store are behind scrim as the facade is getting refurbished.

That’ll do it for this month’s photo update! Be sure to follow Inside Universal on our social media channels for continuing coverage of Universal Parks and Resorts!