UPDATE 9/3: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure will close at 6 p.m. today. Original story below.

Due to the looming threat of Hurricane Dorian, Universal Orlando has announced operational changes for Tuesday. Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure will open as scheduled, however, Volcano Bay will be closed for the entire day. No announcement has been made as to whether the theme parks will close early.

As of now, Wednesday’s operational status is also unknown, along with the Team Member Preview for Halloween Horror Nights which is scheduled for Wednesday night.

As much as we love the theme parks – safety is always the priority. Whether or not Universal Orlando, or any theme park, remains open should be the last thing to worry about.

The Resort has already prepared the parks to brace the storm’s impact.

Any flags, banners, fabrics, etc have been removed or secured. Many of the props and tents that were set up for Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Florida have either been removed, secured, or weighed down. In Volcano Bay, many of the beach chairs have been stacked. Anything that can be easily torn, like the boat bars’ sails, has been removed. Cabana amenities have been tied down and secured as well.

If you are already in Orlando and cannot leave before the hurricane’s effects are felt, make sure to get all the supplies you feel are necessary for your travel party. The hotel will be your “home” to ride out the storm. Each resort is equipped to handle hurricanes, and the staff is trained to handle any emergency situation.

For more information on the latest updated track on tropical systems, make sure to visit http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/. For other tips and safety information, visit http://floridaevacuates.com/ or http://floridaevacuates.com/