Mario Cafe & Store opened at Universal Studios Japan today for the first time, allowing guests the chance to check out all the new food & drink items and merchandise.

“Mario Cafe & Store” is a restaurant and retail store where guests can enjoy food and goods inspired by the world of Super Nintendo. Mario and Luigi were on hand to celebrate the opening. Inside, much of the decor features familiar iconography from the popular video games; with colorful Mushroom tables, bricks, and Mario & Luigi’s hats.

All the food & drink are inspired by the world of Super Mario Bros, including pancake sandwiches and cream soda drinks. You can find out more about the menu here.

Super Nintendo World was originally supposed to open this past Summer, however, the pandemic caused Universal to delay the opening. Universal had just started their promotion campaign earlier this year, calling 2020 the “Year of Super Nintendo World”.

Super Nintendo World will open across all Universal Parks, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando, and Universal Studios Singapore.