After nearly 2 years of closure, the temple was finally unsealed as Poseidon’s Fury re-opened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure today.

During the closure, Universal started a massive refurbishment of the attraction, most notably repainting the entire facade.

The attraction closed in August 2020 due to slower attendance during the early days of the pandemic. While other attractions eventually re-opened, Poseidon’s Fury remained closed, causing speculation as to whether or not the attraction would ever return.

As for the show itself, Poseidon’s Fury remains largely unchanged. After our viewing, it appears the refurbishment was more of a “repaint, repair, and replace” instead of a full-out upgrade, especially to the audio and video. However, the show looks and sounds as good as ever, with the visuals looking sharp and the special effects working as intended.

Located in the Lost Continent, Poseidon’s Fury is a walkthrough attraction where guests are caught in the middle of a battle between Poseidon and the evil Lord Darkenon while inside the Temple of Poseidon.

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