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Poseidon’s Fury re-opens at Islands of Adventure after nearly 2-year closure

After nearly 2 years of closure, the temple was finally unsealed as Poseidon's Fury re-opened at Universal's Islands of Adventure today. During the closure, Universal...

The Bypass Bridge reopens at Islands of Adventure

Universal Orlando has reopened the Bypass Bridge as Spring Break crowds begin to arrive at the theme parks; which also gives guests some awesome...

Newly-Constructed Bypass Bridge opens at Islands of Adventure

Universal has completed work on the new Bypass Bridge, finally reconnecting the Lost Continent and Jurassic Park again, and allowing guest to bypass the...

The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad set to close at Islands of Adventure

Universal Orlando has confirmed "The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad" is set to close officially on September 15th. The stunt show featured Sindbad and his wisecracking...