In 2024, the World-Famous Studio Tour will celebrate a milestone of 60 years at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Studio Tour is an integral part of Universal Studios Hollywood, as the addition of the tour led to the development of Universal Studios Hollywood as a theme park.

To celebrate the momentous Diamond anniversary, Universal will be adding “exciting entertainment” to the Studio Tour, however, more information about those additions will be shared at a later time.

While much has transpired in six decades, the Studio Tour has remained true to its roots of immersing guests in the world of movie-making magic and providing remarkable access to production sets on a real studio lot.

Classic, and now defunct, Studio Tour attractions included the Parting of the Red Sea (1973), which demonstrated an early special effect technique, and the spinning Ice Tunnel (1975) which demonstrated the effects of a severe snowstorm and forced perspective, as well as a dynamic hillside rockslide of tumbling faux boulders and a near miss collision with the infamous Runaway Train.

In 1971, Flash Flood showered guests with a unique behind-the-scenes look at movie weather effects. Jaws Lake “took a bite” out of the studio backlot in 1976, a year after Academy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s movie debuted, which has withstood the test of time as one of today’s premier Studio Tour attractions.

In 1989, Earthquake debuted with its fabricated but “realistic” 8.3 magnitude quake. This year, Earthquake will debut anew with updated and contemporary technology and aesthetics.

The most recent addition to the Studio Tour is the original Jupiter’s Claim set from Jordan Peele’s NOPE. The elaborate set was carefully disassembled post-production and transported to Universal Studios Hollywood where it was meticulously reconstructed on site, complete with original props and details from the film for Studio Tour fans to enjoy.

Currently, many of the sets located within the Studio Tour are being refurbished as it prepares for the 60th Anniversary.

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