Premiere of Universal’s New Backlot – Universal Studios Hollywood

On June 1, 2008, a three alarm fire broke out at Universal Studios Hollywood, destroying New York Street, the King Kong theme park attraction and a video vault. In response, the entertainment community rallied...

“Phoenix Project” – The Story of the Backlot Fire

See how Universal Studios Hollywood recreated sets lost from the infamous backlot fire on June 1, 2008. [youtube]

Catastrophe at Dodger Stadium – King Kong 360 | 3D

[youtube] Catastrophe stuck at Dodger stadium early yesterday morning, when giant ape footprints were found lining the baseball field, tracking from home plate through to center field. Further investigations revealed that the footprints belonged...

Peter Jackson & King Kong 360 3D


Grand Re-Opening of the Big Apple in LA!

On Thursday, May 27th, the grand re-opening of New York Street on the Back Lot will open to the public. It's been almost 2 years since this famous location has been undergoing construction since...

Universal Seeks Studio Tour Guides – King Kong 360

Universal City, California– Hundreds of prospective job seekers are expected to line up at Universal Studios Hollywood on Monday, April 19 as The Entertainment Capital of L.A. auditions Studio Tour Guides in preparation for...

Special Effects Stages: Castle Theater?

Universal seems to be planning ahead for yet another new "comedic" show inside the ill-fated Castle Theater. Rumors point to a show similar to that of the Special Effects Stages and Florida's Horror Make-up...

Backdraft: Final Days?

Various forum members are reporting that April 11 is the last day of operation for Backdraft. More information as we get it.