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The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man officially closes at Universal Studios Japan

Today marked the end of an era as Universal Studios Japan permanently closed The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Located in the New York section of...

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man to permanently close at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan has announced that they will be permanently closing The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man on Monday, January 22, 2024. To celebrate its final...

Marvel Character Dinner returns to Islands of Adventure on February 9

Reservations have reopened as the Marvel Character Dinner is set to return to Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure beginning on...

Marvel-themed area to open at Disney California Adventure in 2020

A new themed-land based on many of Marvel's popular characters is heading to Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort. Developed in partnership with Marvel...

That Darn Marvel Contract – What Rights Does Universal and Disney Own

We examine the contract and explain what rights each resort has for the use in Theme Parks.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man to Reopen on March 8

Popular Attraction will Reopen with Stunning Enhancements – Including 4K Digital High-Definition Animation, New 3-D “Spider-Vision” Glasses and More!

Universal Releases First-Ever Looks at All-New Experiences Coming in 2012

Universal let's loose details on the upcoming Despicable Me Attraction, New Interactive Parade and Spectacular Nighttime Show; promising that 2012 is the "Year to be Here!".

Universal Unveils New Costumes for Marvel Characters

Heroes and Villains are getting new digs at Marvel Super Hero Island.