On Tuesday night Blue Man Group held previews for Friends and Family of team members who work at Universal Studios. Featuring a new show environment, new music, new technology and new experiences, the show will allow audiences to join the Blue Men as they discover, engage and explore the world’s obsession with cutting-edge technology.

The exterior of the theater has remained the same:

Once you get inside you begin to notice subtle changes

Gone are the zoetropes on the sides of the stage

Everyone’s favorite segments remain, drumming with paint, eating Captain Crunch really loud, and banging on pipes.

The stand out hightlight of the night is the much grander, louder, and bigger finale!

The term audience members used when leaving was “rave-esq”  and I must admit that it turned into an awesome wild party.

At the end the live Band did a Meet and Greet with the audience!

I applaud Universal Orlando for updating this relatively new show.  The new additions and technology upgrades have breathed a new life into this already fun, and interactive show. The show is expected to premiere to the general public on February 16th.