Hello everyone,

Today we are going to give you a review of a Citywalk experience.  Please feel free to comment on your personal experience and tell us what you think of our opinion.  We would like to know if you are looking for a special request on any venue inside Universal Studios Hollywood or Citywalk Hollywood.

Today, we visitied one of the new venues within Citywalk: Johnny Rockets Resturant and Sports Lounge.

Johnny Rockets is located at the heart of Citywalk located underneath the club venues of the CityLoft area.  Upon walking into Johnny Rockets at Universal Citywalk you will not see the traditional Johnny Rockets located elsewhere in the world.  This version has a more grown up appeal to it with the addition of a full bar and lots of TV’s which have the local sports games playing.  There are 4 types of seating: Booth, table, bar and outdoor.  On this visit, I was with my wife and my 2 year old son.  We wanted to get an overall experience for both audiences, young and old.

When we first arrived, we were pleasantly greeted by a young woman who escorted us to our booth along with a high chair for my son and a coloring menu.  No wait since it was only 2pm on SuperBowl Sunday!  Once we sat down, we did require a small amount of cleaning on the table because there was some mild scum from the previous meal which was not cleaned thoroughly.  Not a big deal, as the table looked clean.  The atmosphere was calm and quiet with the television audio loud enough where you could hear the announcer and not miss the Transformers: The Ride – 3D SuperBowl spot!

The menu is much of what you expect from Johnny Rockets: Burgers, Sandwiches, Malts, Fries and drinks.  I ordered a Cookies and Cream shake, while my wife had a Pina Colada form the bar.  My 2 year old son had an apple juice, which he preferred water over the juice.  For lunch we ordered the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, The Chicken Club Sandwich and Mini Burgers from the kids menu.  I have ordered the Original Johnny Rocket Burger before and they are delicious!  The food was well prepared and was not mishandled in any way.  The Cheesesteak sandwich was a little small compared to some other venues, but very good along with the signature JR Fries and smiley face ketchup.  The Chicken Club Sandwich was probably the highlight of the meal.  Very good size and tasted great for a lunch item.  The Mini Burgers are for kids and would not excite an adult in any way.  With the large palette of tastes, my wife said the Colada did lack a punch in flavor.  She felt she had too many items to eat and the drink no longer excited her.

We left with a meal that was very close to $45 with tip and had a great time enjoying all of the food and family time.  This price did include the 15% Annual Pass Discount!

Service: 4/5  Friendly

Atmosphere: 4/5 Calm for lunch, no wait!  Don’t expect quiet for dinner.

Menu: 5/5 Great for families!

Food: 4/5 Tastes great! Easy to eat too much!

Price: 5/5 Great price for a family sit down meal.

Annual Pass Discount: YES 15%

Overall: 4/5 Fun food for a moderate price.  Best for lunch.  I will return!