January 23, 2013 – We’ve gotten confirmed reports that a minor fire has broken out at the construction site of Terminator 2:3D. At around 1:32 PM, park officials began cordoning off the western portion of the park – laying a barrier between Universal’s House of Horrors (which sits near the entrance of the park) and Universal’s Animal Actors (near the back of the park) as the graphic below illustrates.


Emergency vehicles gathered near the side and back of Terminator’s venue and could be seen entering through the back of the theater. No major injuries have been reported, and emergency vehicles could be seen withdrawing from the park as early as 3:00 PM. No major damage could be seen from the exterior of the building. By many accounts, the fire was minor and could have originated from either within the Terminator gift shop or within the Cyber Cafe.

We’ll have more information as we get it. We’ve archived our minor live blog below.

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3:07 PM – NBC 4 is reporting that a firefighter has sustained minor injuries as a result of the blaze.

2:58 PM – A screenshot from KTLA 5. You can see the onsite firetruck – firetruck 51 – on the scene near the backstage area of Terminator 2.


2:47 PM – NBC 4 is reporting that there are no injuries on the scene.

2:45 PM – All emergency vehicles are now being escorted out of the park.

2:07 PM – NBC 4 has a photo of the scene.


1:32 PM – Reports of a fire begin to trickle in. We’re hearing that the west side of the park has been completely blocked off – which spans from House of Horrors to Universal’s Animal Actors. Ambulances are on the scene.