November 3, 2013 – Life is hectic, so let’s cut to the chase. Here is this month’s Hollywood Minute with six quick updates from Universal Studios Hollywood. Ready? Here we go!

1 » Popcornopolis: Missing in Action
For those of you who enjoy Popcornopolis, you will now have to go into Citywalk as the Popcornopolis cart has now vanished and been replaced by generic vending.
2 » Shrek 4D’s New LED Ticker
Just a another sign that Shrek’s current facade is here to stay as they have now installed an all-new LED wait ticker.
3 » Pink’s: Are You Famous?
In typical Pink’s fashion, the Universal Plaza location has introduced a celebrity photo wall.
4 » Universal Studio Store
The Universal Studio Store has once again modified its internal layout in an effort to help alleviate congestion within the store.
5 » Busy Louie’s
Apparently Louie’s Pizza has been drawing quite the business as of late. They have now extended the seating into the queue for the Special Effects Stage.
6 » The Studio Tour’s New Arch
Universal has now added the new archway for the Studio Tour. Looks like the classic archway might become a thing of the past.

That does it for this month’s quick Hollywood Minute. Have a tip? Be sure to comment below and we’ll try to cover it in next month’s update. For now, thanks for reading!

Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green is a contributing editor for Inside Universal.

Jonathan has been going to Universal for over 25 years and has developed a deep passion for the theme park and its historic films. He gained his desire and passion from his dad and sister – his father having worked for Universal for over 25 years and helped oversee some projects that were created for Universal Studios Florida. He hopes to one day follow in his father and sister’s footsteps and continue the family tradition.