June 13, 2014 – Finlays will now be transformed into a Cinnabon location, Inside Universal has learned.

Built in 2013 alongside Universal Plaza, Finlays has mainly been purposed as a food shack – serving a variety of quick-serve food items, such as churros, drinks and assorted snacks. However, like Universal Plaza, Finlays has also faced a slew of difficulties, undergoing three paint schemes in under a year.

In recent weeks, Universal has closed down the Finlays location – shuttering its food counters with wooden boards and removing its menu from display.

With the demolition of Cinnabon and Doc Brown’s Chicken in Simpsons Plaza last year, Universal has apparently decided to repurpose Finlays as a Cinnabon distributor.


Finlays: August 2013, with its first color scheme.


Finlays: May 2014, with its second color scheme.


Finlays: June 2014, with its third (and hopefully final) color scheme.

Jon Fu

Jon Fu is the editor-in-chief of Inside Universal.

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