4. The Shark and other details

Jaws Attacks!

Sure, compared to more modern Audio-Animatronics (or AA’s) the Jaws sharks weren’t the most impressive thing in the world, but they did the trick. The ride featured 6 animatronic sharks throughout, getting more and more impressive as the ride goes on. While we all love what Universal is doing now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see some new animatronics show up in some of the newer attractions. To be able to see something physically in front of you always adds another dimension to an attraction.

The sets in the attraction were pretty top notch as well. To see things from the films like the Orca, to the town of Amity as you began the ride were all nice touches. The boat house it self was a wonderful location and who can ever forget the gas dock and the highly powered electrical barge conveniently next to the unloading dock?!