2. Horror Nights & Night Rides

Photo: James L. Heyward III www.jamesheyward.com
Photo: James L. Heyward III

One of the absolute staples of Halloween Horror Nights was Jaws. With new attractions popping up, there was one constant always, and that was Bruce.

Jaws provided a location that would be used for many Halloween Horror Nights haunted houses over the years in it’s extended queue. The real highlight though would be to cruise the waters of Amity Island in complete darkness.

One of the only attractions I’ve been on where the time of the day can truly make an attraction even better. The lagoon would be pitch black in some areas, providing great scares when our buddy Bruce would make his presence known. The gas explosion became THAT much more impressive. In the early days of Horror Nights, there would even be live actors in the boat house scene on the docks.