January 2, 2015 – Welcome to the final installment of our journey through Universal Studios Japan. This update, while arguably less timely than the rest, wraps up the park with a Halloween theme. If you are just reading about this trip for the time, we encourage you to read the earlier installments first. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 are all ready, waiting for you to explore! But now let’s put a bow on this excursion!


DSC06919 copy

It’s time. The final update! And it’s all about Halloween! Citywalk loves to decorate!

DSC06920 copy

Don’t believe me? Just watch! CityWalk gonna give it to ya!

DSC06940 copy

During the daytime, they refer to it as “Universal Surprise Halloween”

DSC06948 copy

And if you have paid attention in previous updates, all the employees are dressed up like some sort of Flintstones witch.

DSC06949 copy

It looks cute, but I’m sure the Flintstones resemblance is accidental.

DSC06950 copy

Throughout this update keep an eye out for costumes. Like these Waldos. (Waldi?)

DSC06951 copy

There they go! Don’t worry. You’ll find more later.

DSC06955 copy

Little kids get dressed up, too. Like Snoopy, here!

DSC06959 copy

And Halloween at the end of a three-day-weekend is why the park was so crowded. I mean extremely crowded.

DSC06969 copy

Anyways, inside there’s Halloween touches everywhere.

DSC06973 copy

Everything is adorned with pumpkins.

DSC06979 copy

They really tried hard to decorate each storefront.

DSC07592 copy

And have cute food.

DSC06987 copy

This I don’t exactly understand the name here. Since it’s not Surprise Halloween, rather Horror Night, the adult version. But it’s Snoopy…

DSC06996 copy

More costumes

DSC07018 copy

More Waldi

P1300547 copy


DSC07019 copy

Aside from the repeated Waldi and Mario (You’ll see), there were creative people, like Business Spider-Man!

DSC07021 copy

Plenty of merchandise was out. Like these “Zombies’ Snack”

DSC07022 copy

It’s blinky junk with a purpose. In the scarezones, the scareactors will pay more attention to people wearing these.

P1300535 copy

Also, despite how much unique merchandise they have, there’s plenty of generic Halloween stuff.

DSC07030 copy

They also have Halloween-themed food.

DSC07032 copy

They’re looking for a pipe to jump down.

DSC07034 copy

Surprisingly, this is this color year-round. But what’s that to the right?

DSC07035 copy

Halloween Hot Dogs.

DSC07036 copy

More themed food carts.

DSC07044 copy

Kaitou Kid!!!

DSC07050 copy

Also, pay attention to the sign. During Halloween Horror Nights, many of the attractions have alternate versions. This year they were themed to The Ring. Specifically the girl from Ring, Sadako Yamamura. (The one in the well with hair draped over her face)

DSC07053 copy

More Waldi

DSC07120 copy

The zombies’ snacks are sold everywhere.

DSC07126 copy

Outside of that, there’s a lot of other HHN merchandise.

DSC07127 copy

And of course, Halloween-themed merchandise for all three main characters.

DSC07128 copy

They make a lot of it.

DSC07129 copy

The stores get into the silliness.

DSC07130 copy

Cute stuff.

DSC07138 copy

More speciality foods. This is a sandwich.

DSC07139 copy

This is the first maze. Jason’s Blood Diner 3. If you see the sign, the word “Diner” has been reduced to the word “Die”

DSC07140 copy

As stated before, these wait times are a lie. It was stated at 240 minutes before the attraction opened and never changed. The actual wait was closer to 2 hours.

DSC07150 copy

More Marios. You can also spot the “End of the line” employee for Jason’s Blood Diner 3.

DSC07166 copy

The details in the queue for Jason’s Blood Diner were pretty thorough.

DSC07167 copy

The gimmick behind Jason’s Blood Diner is 4-6 of you walk in together, all holding a single white towel rope. You all must hold on together to make it through.

DSC07169 copy

Japanese mazes are less conga lines and more based around scenes. They use more animatronics and less blood. The wriggling bodies suspended over campfires were insanely realistic.

DSC07170 copy

At one point you walk down a hall and Jason comes out to chase you from behind with a machete. There’s not much comparing to having to keep up with scared screaming Japanese girls as Jason charges at you.

DSC07172 copy

I’m not sure about the costume rules, but it seems to be very lax.

DSC07173 copy

Overall, Blood Diner was awesome. There’s only two real mazes in the park, so it’s important for it to be worth it.

DSC07174 copy

I’d love for theme to attempt more mazes. They have the room.

DSC07175 copy

They have the right idea about how to scare people.

DSC07215 copy

And there’s a big demand for it.

DSC07153 copy

With so much going on, it’s tough to figure out who in costume is a guest or not.

DSC07141 copy

Here is The Dark Restaurant, where you wear a blindfold and are served in complete darkness by zombies just wanting to cook. The menu is not shown to you before hand. It was sold out days in advance.

DSC07238 copy


DSC07239 copy

We’ll touch back on this in a bit, but gamers should know what Raccoon City is home to.

DSC07251 copy

In the meantime, we can take a look at their Surprise Halloween parade! Here the Umbrella Corp clear out the streets.

DSC07252 copy

The zombie prisoners from earlier. Group costumes are popular.

DSC07253 copy

Hugh Hefner fans?

DSC07254 copy

Hurry, kid!

DSC07753 copy

Actually, don’t hurry. There’s a pre-parade and lots of trick-or-treating first!

DSC07761 copy

So before it starts, the characters pump up the crowd.

DSC07762 copy


DSC07763 copy

Yup. The WaterWorld Deacon, Terminator’s Kimberley Duncan, and the ghost with the most.

DSC07257 copy

Anyways, let’s get this show on the road! LITERALLY!

DSC07262 copy


DSC07264 copy

The Mardi Gras carinval theme is strong.

DSC07267 copy

Hello Kitty’s float. This is her family. Not her.

DSC07272 copy

Between-float people pushing masks. Yup…

DSC07275 copy

Everyone is smiling and having fun.

DSC07276 copy

Twenty foot Hello Kitty!

DSC07280 copy

Even stilt walkers seem small after that.

DSC07281 copy

So cute.

DSC07284 copy

Snoopy is the king of Halloween, searching for the Great Pumpkin.

DSC07288 copy

Some of it is a bit creepy. Bring back memories of Mark Hamill as the Trickster from The Flash TV series.

DSC07293 copy

Mardi Gras? What’s that?

DSC07295 copy

Hey! It’s Charlie Brown!

DSC07299 copy

Finally something that’s a bit more approriate to the globe.

DSC07301 copy

I think he’s wearing a female’s outfit.

DSC07304 copy

They also encourage guests in costume to join in the parade.

DSC07306 copy


DSC07311 copy

Kimberly Duncan next to Doc Brown…

DSC07312 copy

More escorted costume people.

DSC07315 copy


DSC07317 copy

This parade doesn’t stop!

DSC07322 copy


DSC07325 copy

I’m running out of things to say.

DSC07327 copy

Hail Lord Elmo!

DSC07335 copy

She thought my joke was funny.

DSC07336 copy

Bert dressed up as Carmen Miranda… hrmm..

DSC07342 copy

And a breakdancer wraps up the parade.

DSC07343 copy

Hope you enjoyed it. Now let’s go across the street.

DSC07344 copy

Grabbing some t-Virus Wrapped sausage at the Raccoon City food cart.

DSC07345 copy

Wash it down with a Hazard Drink.

DSC07354 copy

Random pumpkin scarecrow!

DSC07415 copy

The characters do have themed meet and greets that fill up instantly.

P1300650 copy

Just imagine Snoopy here.

P1300569 copy

So, let’s get into Biohazard The Real 2. This is a guided maze themed to the Resident Evil game series by Capcom. It was so popular that it runs on non-HHN days.

P1300570 copy

Much like Potter, you need to get your return ticket at park opening if you want to stand a chance to experience this.

DSC07605 copy

After waiting in a bit of a line, you get your ticket to Raccoon City.

DSC07607 copy

Time to wait…

P1300600 copy

Once inside, they teach you how to wield and use the shotguns. They have LED displays with your health and shot count on them.

P1300601 copy

I know I’m repeating myself, but pictures were not allowed. I tried my best. Inside it’s amazingly well themed. The costumes, actors, everything was perfect.

P1300602 copy

If you went to Knott’s Scary Farm this year and experienced Infected: Special Ops, this is similar, except this has no scoring, but a lot more digital projections and a much bigger budget.

P1300603 copy

After you finish up, you can get your posed photo.

P1300604 copy

Their gift shop is a dream for any Resident Evil fan.

P1300605 copy

I’m not sure, but there was something about this display that made employees keep guests away.

DSC07557 copy

The night draws closer. More rides convert to their Sadako versions. In this case, Space Fantasy runs completely in the dark, and the pre-show actually has an actress play Sadako come out and scare the heck out of everyone in the room. Pretty intense.

DSC07559 copy

There’s also a street zombie show that I didn’t exactly understand why it was so popular.

DSC07570 copy

But now we’re in line for Chucky’s Horror Factory. And it’s a long line.

P1300582 copy

Seriously. Just miles of queue.

P1300579 copy

There are occasional reminders of what you are waiting for. But they’re just far enough inbetween that you get worried.

DSC07533 copy

In this world, Toy Toy Kids is a new manufacturer of Chucky dolls.

DSC07536 copy

There were lots of Chucky toys around.

DSC07537 copy

He’s your very best friend.

DSC07540 copy

The announcer guy hyped up the crowd.

DSC07541 copy

“Good Guys”

DSC07543 copy

Seriously, these are shady toys.

DSC07545 copy

I can see our house from here!

DSC07546 copy

Once inside, I tried to take photos because they weren’t going to stop me.

DSC07547 copy

Typical to most mazes are scenes of gruesome violence.

DSC07553 copy

Also people appearing to be strangling themselves.

DSC07556 copy

And upon exiting the maze, you are grouped together for a posed photo. Only to have the wall behind you drop and monsters reach out from behind you to try to grab you.

P1300656 copy

Sadly, that wraps it up. This really is all I have left to say. I hope you enjoyed the pictures from this trip. There’s still more to explore at the park, but that will have to come at a later date. Until then, farewell.

Chris Glass

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