UPDATE: Universal has since addressed the earnings call and confirmed King Kong will return, but we will have to wait for further information.

After months of speculation, the rumors do indeed point to be true – A King Kong attraction will be returning to Universal Orlando.

In today’s fourth quarter earnings call,  Comcast CFO Michael Angelakis discussed future attractions for Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando, including “a King Kong attraction in Orlando”.

No further details or opening date was revealed.

A previous Kong attraction, Kongfrontation, opened at Universal Studios Florida in 1990 as part of the original line-up. The attraction closed down in 2002 to make way for Revenge of the Mummy, which is still in operation today.

The rumored location for the Kong attraction is currently under construction in a plot of land adjacent to the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure. Construction began last Summer.

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Story was originally reported by Richard Bilbao from Orlando Business Journal