The park maps at Universal Studios have recently been updated to reveal that a change is coming to the Hollywood Grill inside the park. Wedged in the corner down the walkway from the park entrance and the path to WaterWorld, it’ll soon be subject to a makeover and new name – Hollywood and Dine. This change is likely spurred by the update across the path as the new building facades are beginning to emerge for the new shop and dining venues, evoking a city-theme to better fit in a single theme.

As the park map indicates, the closing and re-opening will be happening in the same month, so the changes can be assumed to not be extensive. Plus, the listed offerings remains unchanged so we expect the menu to receive some minor updates, but the normal offerings of Pizza Hut pizzas and Coca-cola Freestyle machines to remain.

These kinds of minor updates are encouraging because it shows an attention to detail at the park that aligns with the 5-year-plan, with the park getting more distinct lands beyond a mishmash collection of rides, restaurants and gift shops. With the upcoming opening of Hogsmeade, it will be a good chance to show off how the rest of the park has stepped up its game to try to match the immersive new land about to open its gates.

Rest assured that we’ll detail any changes as they happen.

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