Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen, Universal CityWalk’s newest restaurant, has opened to the public finally for a Soft Opening Preview. Basically, it’s open while they work out any kinks and correct any issues before they officially Grand Open.

The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium is a 19th Century Steampunk-themed, full-service restaurant – complete with two-level dining, a gift shop, and dessert bar; features a menu that features a wide variety of dishes – from all-day-brunch crepes and quiches to unique takes on classic steak, seafood and pasta entrees, gourmet burgers, sandwiches, salads and more.

The restaurant replaced the NBA City restaurant, which closed last Summer.

The 19th-Century Steampunk theme lends itself well to the outside facade, and industrial, Victorian-era look of the inside doesn’t feel over the top. The only “POP” of color comes from the candies and sweets that take up almost every inch of the Gift Shop.  There, you can find almost any kind of sweet treat that you may crave; from liquid candy, sour candy powder, macaroons, artisan cupcakes, and of course, chocolate!

The chocolate on sale is varied by what you want, obviously. The ganache and macaroons are $2.95 each. If you want a box of 5 macaroons, it’s $10. For the ganache, a box of 6 is $14.95, and a set of 12 is $21 (12 for the price of 10). Also available is chocolate rock candy or chocolate-covered treats that you can fill yourself in your very own Toothsome jar.

The good news is that you don’t need to have dinner here to enjoy their decadent milkshakes or desserts as the restaurant offers a Quick-Service Dessert bar. Guests can walk up and order off the dessert menu. Milkshakes run between $12-13, with some of shakes being deliciously over-the-top; and yes, you get to keep the glass. We tried the Frozen Banana Brain Free and Chocolate x 5. Both were smooth, rich, and filling and the presentation really sells the whole whimsical nature of Toothsome.

During the Preview, dinner starts at 4pm; but will serve Brunch at 11am when the restaurant officially opens. Much of the menu features some element of chocolate, but not everything – and being one of the most distinctive menus available at CityWalk. Before sitting down for dinner, we enjoyed a few drinks on the 2nd level bar, which offers a great view of CityWalk. This will definitely be the new spot for those looking to enjoy a drink, while enjoying the Universal atmosphere. During our meal, we enjoyed Coffee & Chocolate Sticky Wings, Chocolate Almond Bread, Pork Belly Sliders, and Totchos (Tater Tot “Natchos”) for appetizers – with Totchos being the only dish without any element of chocolate. Our main course meals did not feature any element of chocolate, but were fantastic dishes; with the highlight being Chicken Bourguignon. The burgers were unique enough to standout from the other restaurants at CityWalk that serve the same.

During our dinner, we enjoyed many of the cocktails and beverages they had to offer as well. Too Chocolate Stout, Toothsome’s exclusively-brewed beer, was reminiscent of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and was a favorite of our group. The cocktails were a hit & miss, as we found some of the chocolate-heavy drinks to not really suit our taste buds. The Chocolate Cherry Mule, while a fresh idea, was a little too chocolaty for my alcoholic beverage preferences. However, their original drinks that don’t feature any hint of chocolate were enjoyed immensely, with the Cell AZ-85 being a favorite. The beverage is essentially a sweet version of a Whiskey Sour, featuring pineapple juice instead of lime juice.

For being the first day of operation during previews, we found our experience to be fantastic. The food and drink was great, the atmosphere was fresh and enjoyable, and the service was top-notch. This will be the new spot among Universal fans and tourists this year. We cannot highly recommend it enough.


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The Gift Shop

Dining Room, Bar, and Food & Beverages