Universal Orlando has purchased 100 more acres of land off of Sand Lake Road, adding more land to their already-acquired 475 acres for future expansion.

Universal has not provided any news on what plans for the land include, but speculation points to more theme parks and hotels.

With the new purchase, Universal now has 570 acres of land in total for future growth, which is several times larger than their current Resort property.

The map below shows what Universal currently owns, and what was recently purchased. The blue shaded area is the new 100 acre purchase; which is located adjacent to the 475 acres that were purchased in 2015 – which is shaded green. The red on the upper right corner is the main Resort; including the three parks, CityWalk, and the hotels. 

The next hurdle for Universal on their expansion land is a legal battle with Stan Thomas. A mediation/settlement hearing has been scheduled on November 2, 2017 for the lawsuit over Universal building on the property.

The story was first reported by the Orlando Business Journal.