It’s time for March’s photo update around Universal Studios Hollywood! This month will be another short update around the park as not a lot of movement has been made since February’s update.

Let’s get started!

Park Update Index

» CityWalk Hollywood
» Universal Plaza
» Animation Studio Store
» DreamWorks Theater
» Studio Tour Construction
» StarWay Refurbishment
» Lower Lot Expansion
» Super Silly Fun Land
» A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

CityWalk Hollywood

Starting with CityWalk, Saddle Ranch Chop House still sits idle. Nothing has been announced as to what is replacing the restaurant. Johnny Rockets is still closed for its makeover. Sephora and Vivo are still under construction. Scene remains untouched since our last update, with no word on what is replacing it.

Universal Plaza

The Lunar New Year has ended so the Plaza is getting cleared out of all the decorations. For now, a hedge wall has been set up as they finish up the rest of removal of the event.

Animation Studio Store

We were in attendance at the Media preview of the new store. You can find more about our visit here, but here are a few photos from our visit.

The newly-built 6,000 sq. ft. store features merchandise from Illumination, DreamWorks, Dr. Seuss, Scooby-Doo, SpongeBob SquarePants, “The Simpsons” and brings the presence of Sanrio and Hello Kitty to the park.

DreamWorks Theater

Not much has changed since our last update at the Dreamworks Theater. Tarps still cover much of the structure, and you can see the tall marquee on the other side while in the Wizarding World.

Studio Tour Construction

Walls are still up around the Studio Tour, as Universal continues to work on the queue area and escalators. There is still no ETA on when the project will be finished.

StarWay Refurbishment

Work continues on the StarWay escalators, refurbishing and improving the park as they continue to expand into the lower lot in the coming years. The restoration of the original escalators is scheduled to last well into the year.

Lower Lot Expansion

The former plot of area where Sound stage 28 sat still sits empty. Originally thought to be the home of the new (and rumored) Secret Life of Pets attraction, the plot’s future is still up in the air. In addition, here’s a quick peek at the “Red Sea” sound stages construction, as well as a seemingly complete Fire Station 51 expansion.

Super Silly Fun Land

Over by Despicable Me, Super Silly Fun Land’s wet play area is undergoing its yearly refreshing, with the area being repainted and touched-up. The area should be open by month’s end, give or take.

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Pacific Rim: Uprising movie banners now adorn the Revenge of the Mummy show building. The TV show Extra was setting up to film in front of the park’s entrance.


That’ll do it for this month’s update. Be sure to follow Inside Universal for continuing coverage of Universal Parks and Resorts.