Universal Orlando has announced that Dead Exposure: Patient Zero will be featured as an original haunted house at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 28.

The house takes place in middle of Paris in 1982 during a zombie outbreak. The city of lights has gone dark as chaos spreads, unchecked. Hordes of vicious, flesh-eating undead are swarming the streets.

According to Universal – “The military is forcing those not affected into quarantine and a vaccination is being given. It’s the only chance to ward off the sickness but there are major side effects… blindness.”

The house is a prequel to Dead Exposure – which was featured in 2008’s event.

In the original house, guests would “enter” the photographs of a city overrun with zombies – taken by photographer, Charlie McPherson. Most of the house was experienced in total darkness, with blacklight strobe lights being the only source of light. The strobes would be timed with camera click sound effects to simulate taking photographs/camera flash.

This is the 2nd house announced for this year’s event.

Earlier in April, Universal announced that the popular Netflix show Stranger Things will also be featured as a haunted house.