Taking the reigns from Peaches the Clown, this year, Theme Park Adventure’s own Rick West got to host the Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest panel this year at Midsummer Scream.

The first new scare zone is Witches Lair. While witches have had a presence at the park for a number of years, this is a scare zone all for themselves and it’ll be right in the middle of Metropolis. And for the first time, there’ll be a scare zone at the back end of the park, near Roaring Rapids, called The Shadows and it’ll be a gory theme. They’re being deliberately light on details for it outside of that, so we’ll have to see for ourselves what’s waiting for us. And City Under Siege was confirmed to return in the DC Universe area, giving a home to the creepy clowns.

In terms of mazes, Sewer of Souls replaces Dead End at the top of the hill, and like the name suggests, takes place inside a grungy dank sewer, which got Rick West entirely giddy and stayed on his mind for the rest of the panel. We can’t blame him, as toilet humor during Halloween just seems to work, and it’s been a while since a major park maze has really embraced it. There will be another new maze called Condemned: Forever Damned, taking place inside a musty abandoned house full of lost souls near the front of the park.

Beyond simply announcing the new and updated offerings, Rick made sure to take the time for the panelists to explain their title and what their roles entail, relating to Fright Fest. It made it a much more personal event, learning how Fright Fest is coordinated around the country, and how amazing their makeup artists are. But they also discussed the comradery among the team members, and the friendly competition about making guests “10-100” which means to leave bodily fluids inside the maze. While gross, it’s seen as a badge of honor to frighten someone enough to cause it to happen.

Fright Fest Takes Over On Select Dates Sep 15-Oct 28