For the sake of clarity, this article discusses rumors and possible changes to the park. This is not a confirmation. Although we do our best to vet information based on our sources and our knowledge of the park’s operations, false information will undoubtedly fall through.

Construction walls have been set-up around certain areas of Jurassic Park inside Islands of Adventure, as initial preparations for a new project heading to the area are underway.

Universal has quietly been preparing for this new project within the past month; specifically with the closures and relocations of a few kiosks along the pathway and the closure of the carnival games near the River Adventure.

While nothing has been officially announced by Universal, here’s what we do know:

Much of the project is set to replace the long-closed Triceratops Encounter. The Raptor Encounter should be closing soon so it can be relocated to another area of the park. The bypass bridge that was constructed in 2008, which helped connect Jurassic Park to the Arabian section of Lost Continent during the construction of the Wizarding World – Hogsmeade, is scheduled to be demolished. While Jurassic Park River Adventure is currently closed for its annual winter maintenance until January 25th, any future construction should not impact the attraction.

Rumors have suggested the new attraction may be a coaster; however, we must state again – nothing is official until Universal Parks & Resorts says so. In addition – it is unclear whether this project will lead to the eventual update and retheme of Jurassic Park to the modern Jurassic World series; as is currently happening with the Jurassic Park attraction in Hollywood.

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