Here’s a look at the progress on the unannounced Jurassic Park coaster at Islands of Adventure. As per our last photo update, much of the track has been installed, with just the last bank back into the load station left to install; with most of the attention continuing to focus on rock work and themeing. Scrims have been set up around certain frames, hiding the rock work for now.

The biggest news of the coaster this week is that an osprey has made the very top of the top hat element its new home. Funnily enough, an osprey is a part of the raptor species, aka “bird of prey”, which is rumored to be the theme for the unannounced coaster. Universal rid the coaster of the nest on Sunday; but today; a pair of ospreys have now shown up (Fun fact: A pair of ospreys is called a “duet”.) The battle is just beginning… #OspreyWatch.

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