Business is picking up around the Jurassic  World VelociCoaster, as the ride’s marquee signage was recently installed.

Featuring the iconic Jurassic font, the sign is pretty straight forward – with 2 velociraptors perched over it on the entrance’s roof.

Recently, the coaster has been testing frequently, with even some people being able to ride while Universal filmed promotional material.

The coaster will catapult guests up to 70 mph and more than 150 feet in the air. The vehicle was designed for speed and engineered “for the hunt”, the coaster’s revolutionary ride vehicle will send riders twisting and soaring across 4,700 feet of track as they encounter near-misses, launches, 12 heart-pounding seconds of airtime, and more – with just a lap bar restraint holding them in place.

The coaster will feature an original story that expands upon the franchise, where riders embark on a high-speed chase and feel the rush of the hunt while racing alongside a Velociraptor pack.

More details about the coaster will be revealed in the months ahead.

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