Universal Orlando has opened the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store – an immersive retail location designed to celebrate the upcoming 30th year of Horror, with themed rooms decked with specialty merchandise, a variety of unique treats, and more.

The popular store has become a staple of recent Horror Nights.

While in years past, the store celebrated the intellectual properties at the event (like last year’s with Frankenstein/Bride and Beetlejuice); this year, the Tribute Store is a literal tribute to Horror Nights history – with every room filled with nods, props, and photos from the past.

Guests can pick up shirts, buttons, pins, glassware, and other keepsakes ranging from year-specific merch to all the different properties featured this year. New this year is Studio Screamers vinyl figures, which are collectible mystery figurines – and by mystery, we do mean you DO NOT know which figure you’ll be purchasing. Guests are encouraged to collect all 6 of “Series 1” – which includes Jack, Chance, Caretaker, Frankenstein, and Chucky. The “Chaser”, aka the set’s limited figure, is Gillman from Creature of the Black Lagoon.

In the first room, which is themed to a parlor, guests will notice a huge statue of a Bear – which is a nod to the fan-favorite, @HHNBear. Throughout the room, you’ll find items on display such as the Carnival of Carnage model used for Horror Night’s 17 website; a maquette of Dracula, and one of his brides from Horror Nights 19, and the Icon Totems used for Horror Nights 20.

In the second room, the library/gallery features portraits with an accompanying bust of most of the Horror Nights icons, with Jack the Clown featured prominently as you enter. Here you’ll find even more goodies from Horror Nights past, as well as more merchandise.

As you enter the hallway, you’ll find portraits of some of Horror Nights’ biggest fans who purchased the chance to be a part of the store. Available in the 5 & Dime, guests can submit a headshot for a small portrait (11×14) for $190 or a large one (16×20) for $225.

The third room, The Conservatory, features all the Beetlejuice merchandise. If you look closely, you can find the Caretaker creepily watching guests.

The 4th room, the Stable, features all the goodies to indulge your sweet tooth. From Dirt Jars to S’mores, from Beating Heart gummies to Whoopie Pies, you’ll find it here.

Halloween Horror Nights 30 returns to Universal Studios Florida to celebrate 30 years of fear select nights September 3 through October 31.