The year is 1994. Universal Studios Hollywood is celebrating its 35th anniversary of the theme park. The hot new game with kids: POG

Universal teams up with McDonalds and creates an official POG licensed product to sell with a children’s Happy Meal. POG is a game which you have a heavy metal “Slammer” which you throw at the thin papered “Pog” and whichever are flipped over in the process of hitting them, you get to keep. Very much like a trading card game for kids before there was Pokemon!

In the following photographs you will noticed many of the (then) current attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood such as King Kong, Earthquake, Fieval’s Playland, ET, Back to the Future, Wild West Stunt show, Miami Vice, Jaws, Backdraft, Beetljuice’s Rockin’ Graveyard Revue and more!

This is a very rare item and not seen much in the history of Universal Studios Hollywood. We hope you enjoy taking a moment back in time with Inside Universal and the history of our belvoed theme park!