1. RIP Tours

Face Off: In the Flesh is full of great make-ups, like this Bull-like creature.

The alternative to Express. Want to see everything? Houses? Attractions? Shows? This is your safest bet. Be taken on a guided tour through the park in a group of 10 and see all that the Nation’s premier haunt event has to offer.

Prices start at $109 and do NOT include admission to the event. When you arrive at CityWalk, you’ll receive complimentary valet parking. You’ll make your way to guest services to be welcomed to a full service cash bar as you wait for your tour to begin. Finally, your tour guide will lead you through all 8 mazes, 2 attractions and VIP seating at Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. When the tour concludes, you can use your credentials for express on the park’s regular attractions. The ultimate experience for any Halloween Horror Nights fan.

Halloween Horror Nights has seriously evolved. Crowds have heightened BIG TIME. It’s hard to say that you can truly get everything done in one night now. You need a really good attack plan, and even then sometimes you’ll get thrown for a loop when you encounter a 75 minute wait. Play it safe. Invest in express. Get to the park early. No matter your game plan, enjoy yourself! Have any questions? Drop me a line at drew@insideuniversal.net or on twitter at @DrewOfOU! And as always, be excellent to each other!