Mako has officially soft opened to the public at SeaWorld Orlando.

Soft openings, or Technical Rehearsals, is like a final release candidate test for the ride. All the major components are installed and operational. Some tweaks, changes, and updates will occur prior to grand opening.

In addition, Soft Opening is not a guarantee the ride will be opening. Mako might only open for a period of time, all day, or not at all depending on any issues or changes. There is no set schedule or guarantee it will be open.

At the moment, SeaWorld is giving out tickets that allows you to ride Mako – however it is unknown how long this procedure will be in place.

If you happen to be able to experience Mako during Soft Openings, know they are very strict with what you can bring on the coaster, however lockers are available at the entrance and are offered at $1 for an hour.

Announced last May, Mako is being manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M), which previously designed SeaWorld’s Manta and Kraken coasters.

Mako boasts a height of 200 feet high and reaches speeds of 73 mph on a track that’s nearly a mile long. The new hyper coaster will be the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in the Orlando area.

Check out the photos and videos of the new area and queue/load station below. We will have an official review and more to share when the coaster officially opens June 10th.