Universal Parks has released a few new bits of information on Super Nintendo World, the upcoming new land opening at Universal Studios Japan this Summer.

Ride details are still mum but we did get a sneak peek at some aspects of the new land, including the Mario Kart attraction, thanks to a new music video inspired by Super Nintendo World.

The music video debuts the song, “We are Born to Play”, and features Galantis and Charli XCX, launching the new “Year of Super Nintendo World” marketing campaign. The video also gave a sneak peek at the Mario Kart ride vehicle which – SURPRISE! – is a go-kart. Obviously, the video is more fantasy than reality; but it does give us our best look yet at the upcoming land.

The biggest reveal tonight was new wearable wrist bands, called “Power Up Bands”, which will allow guests to interact with certain elements in the land. The bands will work alongside a new smartphone app that will make guests feel like they’re part of the game, hitting real-life Question Blocks and collecting coins. Guests can also obtain collectible items, such as character stamps, by achieving various goals. The bands are not required to experience the land, but it definitely will add to the enjoyment of it. In addition, “Key Challenges” will be featured throughout the area. By collecting a certain number of digital “keys,” guests can cooperate with other guests to unlock additional gameplay opportunities, including “Boss Battles” against various enemy characters.

“The ‘Power Up Band’ will connect guests with dozens of iconic Nintendo items throughout the land in a truly seamless and innovative way”, said Thierry Coup, Senior Vice President, Chief, Universal Creative. “The app will keep track of their adventures and any coins, stamps or other iconic elements they earn along the way. There will be opportunities to advance through achievements, keep score, compete against each other and celebrate together when you win. I think the seamless integration of the gameplay is one of the most innovative experiences we have ever created at Universal Studios.”

Universal Studios Japan is calling 2020 the “Year of Super Nintendo World” and will kick off its new No Limit campaign in February, where more information on the land is expected to be revealed.

Super Nintendo World will open across all Universal Parks, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando, and Universal Studios Singapore.

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