Universal Orlando has begun vehicle testing on the unannounced Jurassic Park coaster, conducting pull-through and clearance tests on the track.

With the track now complete, the testing simulates the reach a rider could extend while riding the coaster and ensure clearances are met as well as make sure the track is aligned.

While the vehicle is on the track, we still have to wait to see what the train will look like it as it is under wraps. Going the extra mile, Universal has had the wrap themed, sporting an InGen logo – the fictional bioengineering company from the Jurassic franchise.

Universal has yet to announce any details on the roller coaster, including an opening date; though rumors indicate a 2021 opening. Construction has continued, with much of the work now focusing on themeing and rockwork around the coaster.

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Images come courtesy and with permission of @CoasterSpotting on Twitter.