Universal Orlando has converted the current, or old depending on how you look at it, Universal Studios Store into the Universal Legacy Store – focusing on the nostalgia and history of the Universal Orlando Resort since its opening in 1990.

The conversion is still taking place while construction continues on the new Universal Studios Store opening across the way. Universal has dubbed the new store, a “Premier Retail Experience”.

One of two gargoyles that guard the entrance to the new store. They originally sat atop the original Universal Studios archway in the early years of the resort.

The Legacy store features a bunch of memorabilia, props, artwork, and photos of Universal yesteryear, including sections dedicated to popular retired attractions Back to the Future, Jaws, and Dueling Dragons.

Currently, the store is selling your typical Universal merchandise, but it is believed that the store will shift into selling retro-inspired “legacy” merchandise once the new store opens.

These 2 sections feature nods to Back to the Future: The Ride and the Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show.

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