A recent addition to Universal CityWalk Hollywood is the all-new, Chick Chick Chicken, a casual dining experience with a variety of hand-breaded chicken dishes near the Universal Studios Store.

When greeted at Chick Chick Chicken, the menu is located conveniently above the cashier with 3 main sandwich options: Nashville Hot N’ Spicy, Asian Style, and Classic Fried Chicken sandwiches. Chicken Tenders are available in both classic and spicy options as combo meals. Complimented with a slice of bread and a side option of crinkle-cut fries or coleslaw, all side orders are an additional cost when ordering the chicken sandwich individually. 

The full menu pricing:

  • Nashville Hot N’ Spicy Sandwich – $10.99
  • Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich – $9.99
  • Asian Style Chicken Sandwich – $11.99
  • Classic and Hot N’ Spicy Chicken Tenders – $13.99
  • Crinkle-Cut Fries – $4.99

After ordering, we waited for our food for no more than 10 minutes. The Classic Chicken Sandwich is a beast with the chicken size nearly double the size of the bun. Pickles and secret sauce accompany the sandwich in a natural fashion. The crinkle-cut fries are standard with extra seasoning sprinkled about the cup. Dipping sauce options for the fries seem to not be available. 

Overall, the Classic Chicken sandwich was very unique in size and the flavor was positive without being spicy at all. For the price of the sandwich alone, this was a very good main course and can fill your cravings nicely. With the added cost of the fries in a cup and regular-sized soda, the price nearly doubled when not ordering the combo and made this venue less attractive for the value. 

We recommend this venue for the Universal Studios fan wanting something quick and different, but it may be less inviting for the casual guest who may find other options in CityWalk to have more variety with family-friendly entree selections.