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Shrek 4D Debuts Shorter Preshow with Interactive Donkey

July 20, 2015 - In addition to the recent lighting and audio changes that we documented last week in the main show room, Shrek...

Shrek 4D Debuts New Entrance & Beautiful New Queue

March 28, 2015 - Following a year of extensive modifications, changes, and refurbishments, Shrek 4D has finally reopened with a brand new facade and...

Shrek 4D Reopens With Modified Entrance, Queue and Preshow

December 21, 2014 - Shrek 4D has reopened following a brief refurbishment with a modified entrance, preshow and queue. While still in an unfinished state,...

Shrek 4D Undergoes Construction for Permanent Queue

September 6, 2014 - Shrek 4D has begun construction for its new permanent queue, Inside Universal has learned. Built to accommodate the anticipated Wizarding World...