Hello everyone, this is Skillz5 on the IU community forums posting for the first time here on KUSH.

Please feel free to comment on any problems with my posts since I am very new to this and I am looking to grow in my ability to post for all of the Universal Studios fans out there. Please connect to our Facebook page and get lots of updates about your favorite theme parks and attractions. We look forward to serving you and your Universal needs throughout the year with photo, video and blog updates. Please tell your friends about us and have them connect to the community through Facebook, Forums, and KUSH!

For my first attempt with a post here, I would like to send you a link to my highest viewed Universal attraction video on YouTube. This is my final video of the original King Kong attraction on the Studio Tour. As we all know, this attraction burned down in an historical fire on the Universal Backlot in June 2008. This video was recorded on my Hi Def camera only a couple of months before we lost the attraction forever. I hope you enjoy, like so many others have, a moment where physical props were more popular and CGI was still a thing of the future.