April 28, 2014 – Inside Universal has learned that International Cafe has closed its doors for what we believe to be a remodel and change of theme. With the opening of Theatre Cafe and the retheme of Moulin Rouge, both eateries have been offering sandwiches, fruits and other healthy options.

Earlier this month, we reported that Universal filed a trademark for the restaurant title French Street Bistro. This filing – alongside the recent push towards cohesive theming – may hint to a retheme of International Café to something that fits with the area’s overall décor.

It is believed that the new food service venue will model its style of food around an Americanized French menu, offering a selection of cheeses and wine, though Inside Universal has been unable to confirm the new menu.

International Café originally opened in 2011 as a healthier alternative to the typical theme-park fare, offering healthy soups, sandwiches, hot drinks and light deserts. With its closure, Theater Café has taken the mantle as the park’s only healthy offering.



Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green is the managing editor of Inside Universal.

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