July 12, 2014 – First on Inside Universal – The StarWay escalator has received a new soundtrack, Inside Universal has learned.

Using full excerpts from the upcoming Universal film Get On Up (James Brown – Get On Up) alongside Despicable Me (Pharrell – Happy) and Mamma Mia (Abba – Mamma Mia) among others, the new soundtrack replaces the second iteration of Access Hollywood on the Universal StarWay, featuring Billy Bush. In this instance, it appears as if Billy Bush’s narration has been removed with only the safety spiel remaining.

Previously, the StarWay had been narrated by Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell until O’Dell’s departure in 2011. Prior to Access Hollywood’s reign, the StarWay had been hosted by faux radio station KUSH – also featuring classic soundtracks from Universal’s roster.

Constructed in 1991, the StarWay has been thrilling guests for over twenty-three years acting as a means to connect the Upper and Lower Lot together into one cohesive park. The quarter-mile escalator features three banks and one stairway, offering guests a variety of thrilling experiences and splendid views of the San Fernando Valley.

For those who wish to relive the previous StarWay experience with Billy Bush, we’ve included a recording of the track below.

Access Hollywood on the Universal StarWay w/ Billy Bush



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