For a limited time, Hard Rock Cafe has rolled out its new Festival menu for guests to celebrate the last remaining days of Summer. Inspired by music festivals, the menu offers guests the choice of either two, three, or four festival bites, which include all-new items or fun twists on loved Hard Rock classics. We were given the opportunity to try the new dishes.

The new menu offers 10 appetizer-sized portion options and 7 cocktails to select from. Prices are pretty straightforward – 2 for $20, 3 for $30, and 4 for $40.

Our favorite dish was the Let’s Get Twisted Mac & Cheese Fries. This guilty pleasure mixed two of our favorite things into one dish and made it zing with the added buffalo sauce, which gave it the right amount of kick. With the addition of bacon to round out the gluttonous, savory item it was easy to see why it was on top of my list.

A close second was the Honey Soy Wings. The dish came with 6 wings to sample on, with a thick sweet and spicy honey soy glaze. The wings were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside truly making it finger-lickin’ good. For wing fans who love non-traditional sauces on their wings, this one is a winner.

We should make it very clear that while these dishes are “appetizer-sized”, they are definitely meant for sharing, and 6 dishes between 2 people was VERY filling; so make sure to bring your appetite or a lot of friends.

The Pulled Pork Nachos were also great, with the pork tasting extremely savory. The combo of the pork with the beans, cheese, scallions, pickled red onions, pico de gallo, and jalapenos all topped the crispy tortilla chip for an incredible fusion of flavors.

For the Buffalo-Style Sliders, two miniature burgers came topped with an onion ring, blue cheese, and Buffalo sauce. It seems simple enough, but we love Hard Rock burgers for its simplicity. The onion rings added the perfect note of crispy to the dish.

As far as everything else we sampled; the Crispy Spring Rolls were an enjoyable classic, cut to display the black beans, corn, cheese, pepper, and jalapenos inside.

Lastly, we got to sample the Southwest Taco. With our choice of soft flour tortilla versus corn tortilla, the two tacos also were adorned with chicken, cheese, guac, pico de gallo, and chipotle aioli.

As far as the drink menu, we love bourbon – so we would never pass up the opportunity to have an Old Fashioned, and while it was a pretty straight forward cocktail – the use of brown sugar simple syrup offered a different type of sweetness to compliment the Old Forester bourbon.

The menu also offers Chips & Guacamole, All-American Sliders, BBQ Pineapple Tacos, and BBQ Pork Tacos. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to sample these dishes, but that just means we have to come back before they are gone.

It should be noted that in the life & times of this pandemic, Hard Rock Cafe did a great job offering a safe environment. During our visit, mask usage was enforced, tables were socially distanced, and dividers were set up between tables to ensure further safety. A second temperature check is needed to enter the restaurant. Virtual menus are also available to guests.

We love Hard Rock Cafe because of its no-frills menu. Just simple, classic dishes – especially their burgers. We’ve never had a bad meal there, and are happy to say that this new menu continues that tradition. The Festival Menu is available until September 25th. Make sure to check it out before its gone, especially for the Twisted Mac & Cheese Fries.

DISCLAIMER: Hard Rock Cafe invited us out to review the menu and were gracious enough to offer some of the Festival dishes complimentary.